Embossed XPS Foam Sheets for Dioramas

This product is made of dark grey XPS high density foam (Styrofoam), the embossed foam is perfect to represent a brick/wall texture.
These are handmade by a small business in the United Kingdom. Perfect for use in model making, dioramas, dollhouses, model railways and wargames like Warhammer and Dungeon & Dragons.

Scale: See item details
NOTE modellers have used these with 1:30 & 1:32 (approx. 54/60mm) figures and are happy with the results.

Thickness: See item details
Sheet size: 600 x 200mm
Adhere with PVA or UHU Por (Quick-setting special adhesive for polystyrene) – support the join until dry.
Anything containing solvent will melt the product.
6mm sheets may need additional support, 10mm sheets it should not be necessary.
Easily cut with any blade 10mm+ long. 
A neat corner can be achieved using mitred edges.
Colour using any non-solvent based paint, i.e. a poster or water based acrylic paint.